November 2007, April 2012, March 2012

Karla has been my agent of choice since I moved to the Kawartha’s. She has acted for me on three (3) separate purchase / sales.

Karla definitely went above and beyond her job. 5 stars really aren’t enough to give to her.

Karla’s work ethic is really excellent, she is solid and consistent. I couldn’t be happier with her service, she did a great job.
1. Expertise – We all know that the quickest way to know a person’s level of knowledge is by asking tons of questions . I bombarded her with questions and she was on point each and every time. Her expertise and timely response made her a really reliable source of information. Her skill level put us at ease.

2. Timely communication – Karla was busy but always made time for us. I was amazed by how she was still able to respond to my emails and phone calls in a very timely manner. It’s not just about the quickness of her response; it was the accuracy of the response and the knowledge that went with it. She really made the whole home buying process go smoothly.

3. Care – This is where I really think Karla went above and beyond. We were in the process of a very delicate family situation and Karla did more than I expected of her with respect to everyone’s feelings and concerns. She did an exemplary job during this difficult time.

Karla is our first and only choice for Realtor! Thank you Karla!